Symphonic Suite No. 1 for Wind band
  • Symphonic Suite No. 1 for Wind band
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for Concert Band, grade 4.5 Dedicated to Benjamin Pruitt, Sr


Piccolo Flutes 1&2 Oboe 1&2 English Horn

Eb Clarinet 1st Clarinet in Bb 2nd Clarinet in Bb 3rd Clarinet in Bb Bb Bass Clarinet

1st Eb Alto Saxophone 2nd Eb Alto Saxophone Bb Tenor Saxophone Eb Baritone Saxophone

Bassoons 1,2,3

1st Trumpet in Bb 2nd Trumpet in Bb 3rd Trumpet in Bb 4th Trumpet in Bb

Horn in F I & III Horn in F II & IV

1st Trombone 2nd Trombone 3rd Trombone Euphonium Tuba


Percussion 1 Snare, Bells

Percussion 2 Cymbals, Suspended Cym, Xylophone, Cabasa, Bell Tree

Percussion 3 Bass Drum, Vibraphone, Vibraslap, Triangle, Gong

Percussion 4 Congas, Bongos, Marimba, Tamborine Doublebass

Symphonic Suite No. 1 is a collection of pieces I composed during my time at the University of Michigan. I was constantly told by my good friends and Sinfonian fraternity brothers, Jamal Duncan, Armand Hall, and Damien Crutcher, to write for symphonic band. I eventually drew upon my time at my alma mater to compose for this idiom, which gave me my love for playing, my love for classical music, and my desire to compose.

Chorale and Prelude was the last piece composed for this suite. It was originally written as my final-exam project in my Baroque counterpoint class with Kevin Korsyn. It was easily made into a piece for saxophone choir. After realizing the suite was incomplete with the later three movements (Marziale, Hymn, and Gigue), I composed additional material (F major) in 2012 to prolong the piece and give it more color.

Marziale comes from my tuba-euphonium quartet, Quartet No 1, which was composed for three friends of mine: Kristof Schneider, Tony Halloin, and Todd Shafer.. It was inspired by the Hindemith Trombone Sonata, which I first heard performed in 1994 by my brother, Bradford Mallory.

Hymn was originally written as “Jesus is Lord.” It was commissioned as a band piece by Frank Perez and Graceland University and premiered December 8, 2011. An alternate version with choir was premiered by Edward P. Quick and the Michigan State University New Horizons Band.

Gigue also comes from my tuba-euphonium quartet. I loved Kristof’s sound on euphonium and was thoroughly impressed with Todd’s and Tony’s range on tuba. Their abilities inspired me to compose habitually. This piece was also inspired by the Violoncello Suites of Johann Sebastian Bach and Second Suite in F: Fantasia on a Dargason by Gustav Holst.

Thank You,

Chad “Sir Wick” Hughes

“Symphonic Suite No.1” was premiered by the University of Memphis Symphonic Band on April 24, 2014 under the direction of Armand Hall.

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