The French Horn

I have received numerous compliments on my writing for the French Horn.  Although I am grateful for them, the truth is I can't take too much credit for it.  I was immersed into a culture where the French Horn was played at a high level.

When I first arrived on campus, I met Todd Shamaly, a fabulous musician.  He was the first to introduce me into the world of Horn.  He was very humble and told me a lot about repertoire.

However, the next year changed my life forever.

The freshman French Horn class of 1996 was IMPECCABLE.  These musicians were amazing and could PLAY!   I don't know what happened but everywhere you went, you would here Götterdämmerung played flawlessly anytime of the day.  I loved hearing Gregory Holt, Melanie Jahr, Julie Seidel, and my birthday twin, Mieko Hatano, practice.

Then there was Eric Kuper, Alex Ruthmann, and Kyle Hoyt.   I could always count on them for the composers' forum.  They were truly the most instrumental in my composing.  They taught me about Bb, B, and C and how to place it CORRECTLY (which I still use their teachings to this very day).

Other great players that would play on my compositions were Thomas Schnauber, a wonderful composer, and Jeff Suarez, a MONSTER on the horn.

By the time I graduated, other great players came in.  Rachel Parker Childers was there who is now playing with the Boston Symphony.
There was also Rachel Manea Vaduva, Will Wiegard, and Joel Wealer, who ironically played on my last recording at Michigan!

On a side note, I can't forget my HS section of Charles Van Hoy, Sean Smith, and Michelle Brown.  Charles was the first french hornist I ever met!!!

So it is not I naturally knew what to do, I was around musicians who knew how to play!