This is the soundtrack to the novical™ (novel + musical) "A Tale of Two Fools." Author and composer Sir Wick takes you on a musical journey via classical, gospel, hip-hop, and R&B genres. Beginning with a cinematic overture (Alexandra's Song), Anthony Saunders's voice captures the sound of Eli, the naive but pure-hearted protagonist (I Just Do, Give My All, etc). Detroit-born songstress, and Broadway's latest star, Angela Birchett shows off her dynamic vocals as Alexandra on such songs as "What a Mighty God We Serve," "Who am I to Choose," and "Loving you is all I need"  
You are guaranteed to be transported into the world of "A Tale of Two Fools" cast, music, and entrancing scenarios by way of this revolutionary multi-dimensional entertainment experience.  

A Novical™, once again, the combination of the words “novel” and “musical,” is my creation of a new literary and listening experience.  Every time you see words in bold and underline, that represents a song on the soundtrack. It is your choice: you can stop and listen to the song on the CD or computer right then or listen to it after you read.  It doesn’t matter how you approach it; it is however you want to experience “A Tale of Two Fools.”

The Story:

Eliezer “Eli” Brooks is a music major whose main objective is perfection. He works tirelessly in a practice room to become the best trumpeter in the world but his dedication to his music makes him a social hermit. Despite his focus, he unexpectedly falls in love with Alexandra Hylton: a young MBA student who is being courted to work for a major-marketing firm post-graduation. Although she loves Eli, Alexandra realizes that her life may be better by returning to her ex-boyfriend Harrison, a six-figure executive who can give her everything she desires.  
Will Eli find true love with Alexandra or will she return to her former love?  

Listen to the music here on "A Tale of Two Fools Novical Soundtrack"