Emotions: Art Songs for Medium Voice and Orchestra
  • Emotions: Art Songs for Medium Voice and Orchestra
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Emotions: Songs for Tami “Emotions”, composed by Chad “Sir Wick” Hughes, that show the love and frustrations of a relationship. Originally a piece for orchestra, This world-premiere performance and transcription shall present three of the four movements: Thankfulness, Anger, and Love. I. Thankfulness Lonely and broken was I. ‘Til I found you, I was alone. God has blessed me with someone
Who loves me, who loves me so! Lord, thank you for given me someone! Oh, I thank you Lord for my given me my dream, my soul mate!

II. Anger I want you to know you get on my nerves. You aggravate me to the highest degree. Don't call, no hugs, I wish not to see you right now! On Saturday, I won't be with you! Just go alone, I'll find something to do! I'm mad. My heart is cold! Go away!

IV. Love I want to say how much you mean to me. I want to say how much I love you so.
No one else has mean so much to me. You are the one that I’ve been praying for. When I first saw you in the morning sun, I knew right then you were the one to make all my dreams come true every night, every day! My heart melts when my eyes are upon yours. I want to say you are my fantasy! I Love you!

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Visions of a Renaissance (Orchestra) (Score and Parts)
  • Visions of a Renaissance (Orchestra) (Score and Parts)
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This piece is about my love for the city of Detroit. The opening section is the fast past traffic on 1-75 and 1-96. The slow adagio section is our sun setting upon our riverfront. The recapitulation of the pizzicato is the masses returning back downtown to the evening festivals, theatre events, sports extravaganzas, and our illustrious Greektown in hope that the economy of the city shall be revitalized.

Piccolo, 2 Flutes, 2 Oboes, English Horn 2 Clarinets in Bb , Bb Bass Clarinet 2 Bassoons, Contrabassoon

4 Horns in F, 3 Trumpets in C, 3 Trombones, Tuba


Percussionist 1 Snare Suspended Cymbal Crash Cymbals Ride Cymbal High Hat

Percussionist 2 Triangle Templeblocks Bell Tree High Hat Cabasa Congas

Harp Violins 1, 2 Violas Violoncellos Doublebass

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