How to write a composition or story Part Three

Really, this should be called,"Don't have an ego"

I'm an emotional artist.  I put some much into every note I compose, every phrase I arrange, and every word I write.  Therefore, I become attached to everything.

With that being said, GET AN EDITOR.  Better yet, get an editor THAT WILL
1) Tell you the truth
2) Change words around i.e. reword a phrase THAT BETTER suits the audience
3) has an eagle eye!

A Pass is everytime the editor goes through it.  You'll need MANY passes.  AT LEAST FIVE!
That's right, FIVE.    I've lost count.  I've had to add backstory (Thank you, Althea) and more backstory (Thank you, Earl) and even MORE back story (Thank you, Dr. Amber V!)

I prayed for my editor.  She was in my lap the whole time, my cousin Jasmine. She uses so much red ink we have to go to three different stores to keep it in stock.  But guess what? She's GREAT at what she does.

Truth be told, I had people look it before Jasmine.  Kanika, LaKindra, Earl, Shiron, and MANY others.  DO THE SAME!! (If the Avengers, which earned a BILLION dollars [and they thought it would have made $500,000,000] can go through a rewrite, your manuscript can do the same!)

With this all being said, set a deadline.  I've set a deadline for my birthday.  No more rewrites.  That's it.
But guess what, I had an ensemble of EXCELLENT previewers that caught things that made Jasmine's job a lot easier.

Remember, leave the Ego at the door.