Emotions: Art Songs for Medium Voice and Orchestra
  • Emotions: Art Songs for Medium Voice and Orchestra
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Emotions: Songs for Tami “Emotions”, composed by Chad “Sir Wick” Hughes, that show the love and frustrations of a relationship. Originally a piece for orchestra, This world-premiere performance and transcription shall present three of the four movements: Thankfulness, Anger, and Love. I. Thankfulness Lonely and broken was I. ‘Til I found you, I was alone. God has blessed me with someone
Who loves me, who loves me so! Lord, thank you for given me someone! Oh, I thank you Lord for my given me my dream, my soul mate!

II. Anger I want you to know you get on my nerves. You aggravate me to the highest degree. Don't call, no hugs, I wish not to see you right now! On Saturday, I won't be with you! Just go alone, I'll find something to do! I'm mad. My heart is cold! Go away!

IV. Love I want to say how much you mean to me. I want to say how much I love you so.
No one else has mean so much to me. You are the one that I’ve been praying for. When I first saw you in the morning sun, I knew right then you were the one to make all my dreams come true every night, every day! My heart melts when my eyes are upon yours. I want to say you are my fantasy! I Love you!

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