1. Antoinette

From the recording A Tale of Two Fools

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Antoinette (C. Hughes)
Vocals: Anthony Saunders
Background Vocals: Thomas Spurlock, Loneka Wilkinson Battiste
Trumpets: Dion Brintley, Kennith Kummerfeldt, John Douglas (solo)
Tenor Saxophone: Earl Brooks
Baritone Saxophone: Wesley Hunn
Trombone: Sir Wick
Guitar: Dwayne Collins
Piano and Percussion: Sir Wick
Bass: Freeman Spells, Jr.
Drums: Quentin Josephs
Recorded at the House of Wick Studios, Smooth Records La Casa De Gabriel, Uncle N8’s Studio
Engineered by Sir Wick and Jaygarick Stewart
©MMXV Chad E. Hughes, Admin by Maestrowick Publishing