From the recording A Tale of Two Fools

Alexandra’s Lament No. 1 (Who Am I to Choose)
(C. Hughes)
Vocals: Angela Birchett
Background Vocals: Loneka Wilkinson Battiste
Flute: Esther Waite, Rafael Statin
French Horn: Nick Fife
Trumpet: Joe Jennis
Trombone: Matt Breuer, Sir Wick (solo)
Guitar: Dwayne Collins
Piano and Percussion: Sir Wick
Violins: Cheng-Yin Lin, Sinmyung Min
Viola: Christopher Lowry
Violoncello: Raudol Palacios
Bass: Freeman Spells, Jr.
Drums: Nate Winn aka ‘Tightus Pocketus’
Recorded at the House of Wick Studios, La Casa de Gabriel,
Mix Factory One and ALS Studios.
Engineered by Sir Wick, and DelQuan Pressley
© MMXV Sir Wick Music, admin by Maestrowick Publishing <ASCAP>