From the recording A Tale of Two Fools

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You Are My World
(C. Hughes, T. Hickerson)
Vocals: Angela Birchett
Background Vocals: Jazmin Willis
Vocal Oohs: Te’Ayrah Hickerson
Keyboard, Trombone and Percussion: Sir Wick
Trumpet: David Greene, Dameon Gabriel, Michael Ternes
Woodwinds: Rafael Statin
Guitar: Sandy Love, Tassili Bond
Bass: Marcus Belgrave, Jr.
Drums: Nate Winn aka ‘Tightus Pocketus’
Recorded at the DISC Ltd the House of Wick Studios
Engineered by Sir Wick, and Andy Toth
©MMX Sir Wick Music Admin by Maestrowick Publishing and Te’Ayrah Hickerson Music