1. Give My All

From the recording A Tale of Two Fools

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Give My All
(C. Hughes, M. Collins)
Vocals: Anthony Saunders
Background Vocals: Anthony Saunders
Tenor Saxophone: Rafael Statin
French Horn: Sydney Hawkins
Violins: Tami Lee Hughes, Sinmyung Min
Viola: Christopher Lowry
Violoncello: Raudol Palacios
Guitar: Wayne Goins
Keyboards and Percussion: Sir Wick
Bass: Ibrahim Jones
Drums: Nate Winn
Recorded at the DISC, ALS Music, and The House of Wick Studios
Engineered by Andy Toth and Sir Wick at The Disc LTD and House of Wick Studios
Vocal Arrangements by Sir Wick and Marcus Collins
©MM Sir Wick Music. Admin by Maestrowick Publishing,
Hershel’s Choice Publishing. Detroit, MI <ASCAP>