From the recording A Tale of Two Fools

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Keep It Moving (Keep On Moving)
(C. Hughes, T. Morton, C. Seale, J. Willis)
Vocals: Anthony Saunders
Background Vocals: Anthony Saunders, Lawrence Mitchell-Matthews
Rap: Anthony “Skills” Morgan
Alto Saxophone: Damani Phillips
Tenor Saxophone: Brennan Guidry
Trumpet: David Greene, Kennith Kummerfeldt
French Horn: Nick Fife
Trombone and Percussion: Sir Wick
Violin: Tami Lee Hughes,
Viola: Christopher Lowry
Violoncello: Raudol Palacios
Guitar: Sandy Love, Dwayne Collins
Keyboards: Sir Wick, Cortney Seale (solo)
Drums: Nate Winn
Bass: Damon Warmack
Recorded at The DISC Ltd, ALS Music, La Casa de Don Champion, and The House of Wick
© MMXII Chad E. Hughes, T. Morton, C. Seale, J. Willis, admin by Maestrowick Publishing and T Morton Publishing <ASCAP>