From the recording A Tale of Two Fools

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Dream Come True
(C. Hughes, M. Collins, S. Snead)
Vocals: Anthony Saunders, Maurica Roland
Background Vocals: Marcus Collins, Steven Snead, Loneka Wilkinson Battiste
Keyboards: Sir Wick
Trumpets: Omar Butler, David Greene, Al Armstrong
French Horns: Eric Kuper, S. Alex Ruthmann, Nick Fife
Saxophone: Rafael Statin, Dean Moore II, Michael Bomwell, Adam Spannaus
Trombone: Sir Wick
Violins: Sinmyung Min, Yunzhi Chen
Viola: Leslie DeShazor
Violoncello: Raudol Palacios
Harp: Maurice Draughn
Guitar: Dwayne Collins, Randy Napoleon
Percussion: Robert Umara Neves, Sir Wick
Drums: Quentin Josephs
Doublebass: Marcus Belgrave, Jr
Bass: Damon Warmack
Engineered by Jaygarick Stewart, Andy Toth, and Sir Wick at The Disc LTD, Smooth Records,
and The House of Wick Studios
Vocal Arrangements by Sir Wick and Marcus Collins
©MCMXCI, MCMXCIX Chad E. Hughes, Marcus Collins, and Steven Snead.
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Hershel’s Choice Publishing. Detroit, MI <ASCAP>