Ellis Marsalis -In Memoriam

This album changed my life. 

This album made me shed the C Blues. It made me think about different ensembles for jazz. I was first introduced to "The Patriarch" on this album, Joe Cool Blues, which I bought because Khalil Jackson and Benjamin Pruitt told me to buy it.
I shedded his solos, trying to swing like him. It was the first time I heard Delfeayo Marsalis on Trombone. I learned that it was possible to switch to from Latin to Swing (if I you wondered where I got it from...although he did in parts where I tend to do it in form). It was then when I said, maybe I can learn how to play jazz on piano. I learned from listening the ever-important left voicing of Eb-A-D for a F7 chord. AdditionallyI wanted to swing like Martin Butler and Herlin Riley on drums. The pocket is killing. It when reinforced what I learned from Buster Marbury. Still, it led me to listening to uber-amounts of Ellis Marsalis. About 13 years ago, I finally got to tell him how much I appreciated him and how he influenced me both in jazz and classical composition. He smiled. I am thankful to Lord God that I got the opportunity to do so. RIP to the Patriarch, Ellis Marsalis.