I Wonder Why I Love Music so much?

I Wonder

I Wonder Why do I love Music so much?

I wonder

Is it because first and foremost, my father and his sister played the music of Quincy Jones, Michael Jackson, Stevie Wonder, Motown, Patrice Rushen, and many others over, over and over. 
Did my love for jazz come from hearing "Boy Genius" Ray Charles, Killer Joe (perf. by Quincy), and Oh Lonesome Me by Count Basie
Or is it because when I attended Birney Elementary School, in Detroit, MI, my music and art teacher Lawrence Cotter introduced me to a plethora of composers like Leroy Anderson, Mozart, and Beethoven?
Is it because I was inspired by the pen of Dick van dePitte and Paul Riser and power of the DSO?
Is it because Howard House taught me trumpet and euphonium at that same elementary school, supplemented by seeing Wynton Marsalis playing a piece about a carnival on that instrument?
Or is it because when I heard Daisy Gaines play organ at Christ Reformed Baptist Church, I wanted to play like her?

I wonder? I wonder...

Is it because in Concert Band I played Gustav Holst, Granger, Vaughn Williams.  Then you add Elgar, Sullivan, and Britten.  Does this give me a undying love of British Music and its composers?  
Is it because in opera, you learn about Verdi, Leoncavallo, and Puccini. Does this give us a undying love of Italian Music and its composers?  Does it not want to make you go to La Scala?
Is it because in all facets of music, you learn about Rimsky-Korsakov, Tchaikovsky, and Mussorgsky. Does this give us a undying love of Russian Music and its composers?  Does it not make you want to go to St. Petersburg?
Is it because in jazz, you learn about Armstrong, Bechet, and Marsalis. Does this give us a undying love of New Orleans Music and its composers?  Does it not make you want to go to Bourbon St?

I wonder, I really wonder...
This really has me deep in thought.

Is it because Mendelssohn make you want to know what was he dreaming that Midsummer Night? Or what was in Fingel's Cave?
Is it because I wanted to cower and not go after my dreams, but Bird and Diz said "Now's the Time?"
Is it because Spyra Gyra and Al Jarreau had me dancing in the morning?
Is it because it felts so good to ask Mister Magic about street life during Mardi Gras with Angela looking her Naima in a Taxi?
Is it because Sonny Rollins give me interest to travel to Nigeria while Weather Report told me about Birdland?
Is it because DouDou make me want to learn Djembe or breeze on 6 strings like George Benson?

I wonder, I really do wonder.

Is it because Ellington made me want to Take the A-Train or Basie having me jump when it's One O'Clock?
Is it because Dr. Hailstork reminded me, "I made my vow?"
Is it because Beethoven had me ask my mother, "Who was Elise?" or Smetena wanting me to take a boat down the Moldau?
Is it because I heard Rostropovich play Bach's Cello Suites so flowingly or Andre Watts tickling the ivories?
Is it because Marvin asked what was going on? and I answered, "My pain and headache follows me everywhere I do?"

I really have to ask these questions.

Is it because Mr. Morris told his dear love "You are the sunshine of my life"
Is it because I didn't go to Clarksville, I decided to take that late train to Georgia?
Is it because Benny Goodman had me ask "Where was the Savoy" or Duke Pearson and Eddie Jefferson had me ask "When was the last time I saw Jeannine?" 
Is it because I was busted and I wasted time at the Bay thinking about how funk of a drummer I could be?
Is it because I whispered in her ear, "You're my shining star, always and forever, please don't go way from me?" or is it because I took a soulful strut to Cafe Reggio?

I wonder this at times.

Is it because I love the fountains and pines of Rome or want to ride a faniculi?
Is it because no one must sleep until I find Daphnis and Chloe?

Is it because I find out why Joe was so killing or me trying to keep Freddie from Freeloading?
Is it because I'm running for no reason and I can't hide love from her, who shines like a sun goddess?
Is it because I don't believe He brought me this far giving me melodies from Heaven saying how wondrous is His Name?
Is it because I want to be the Chairman of the Board driving down Route 66 teaching the boy from New York City how to make money?
Is it because I'm on the hill, not just blueberry or sugar, relaxing electrically because my account is paper thin?
Or is it because I had an inner urge to play dominoes and celebrate being Black & proud?

The question is, "Why do I love Music so much?"
I Wonder, I wonder, 
I wonder

© MMXXI Chad E. Hughes